Mage Battle’s Full Backstory

     In the ancient land of Magi Terra mages lived together in unity, but  dark power arose, the mages didn’t know any power that was of this permutation. They tracked down the power source. Down a rapid river of raging waters. Across the forest of Lutum Lapis. They first thought a mythical creature was what instigated such power.

     The creature was husked, had demon horns, and had a red mane. It cried a devilish noise. The woods started to shape shift and turn to a land of monsters, as the mages walked away, trembling in fear, they fell. They felt like it was hours, falling into said void, but it was only a few seconds later they found themselvesbelow the . Under the surface was a gem, altering its colors from red, black, and purple. It burnished a color unknown to them. They felt as if the crystal needed to be separated from itself as it could wreak havoc if it kept turning innocent creatures evil.

     They destroyed the crystal, causing it to fall apart into 4 small fragments split between the 4 tribes. But when the mages went to their respective tribe, the crystal began to manipulate their souls. 

     They felt as if the crystal brought them power beyond comprehension. They wanted all of the fragments to make the crystal one again, so they could have taken the full power from the crystal. The only way seen by them, after the crystal’s manipulation, was to fight each other for the remaining remnants.